TenFold is Bringing a New Meaning to Mobile Real Estate

When thinking of cutting edge technology, mobile homes do not come immediately to mind. TenFold is a company working to revolutionize the concept of real estate. Usually, real estate refers not only to a building, but also the land beneath the structure. TenFold buildings, which can be transported on the back of a truck and unfold in 8 minutes, change that definition.

How Much Space does Cyber Space Take Up?

The internet revolution of the modern age is visible everywhere. Whichever way you turn, technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Now more than ever social media is bringing the world closer together. Information is available at the sound of a voice command. The impact of the internet is staring most of us in the face every day. But there is a part of the internet boom that is largely hidden from the average consumer. When calling and texting and taking pictures and uploading them to the cloud, users are creating and interfacing with data. What most users do not realize, however, is that all data takes up space, housed in massive centers.

What Makes Royal Wedding Royal?

We all watched Meghan Markle marry Prince Harry in St Paul’s Cathedral last week. Beyond the tears and glamour of the royal wedding, did you ever wonder what makes the royalty royal and us commoners common?

The answer is simple. What makes the Queen of England the Queen? What made the Tzar of Russia the Tzar? And wakes his lordship the lord? The answer to all these questions is one word: land…as in land-lord.