Michael Jordan photo provided by Mccarmona23 via flickr.

Video: Michael Jordan’s House Is Stranded

Fascination with professional athletes never ends on the field, many people wonder how these stars live. For example, Michael Jordan’s $29 million dollar home would leave anyone with sticker shock. Unfortunately, it has left buyers with sticker shock as well.

United States Postal Service Controversy: What you Need to Know (Part 1)

In December of 2016, the United State Postal Service – an independent agency of the United States federal government – decided to terminate its real estate contract with CBRE. The companies handled the move discretely – neither CBRE nor USPS released media reports on the matter. The new broker, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), was announced only to lessors who held contracts with the USPS, who in turn posted a notice on the webpage of their association. All in all, the broker switch was handled as unobtrusively as possible. And why should it have been covered extensively by the news? At face value, it seems a simple enough transaction. And yet, controversy has dogged both the USPS and CBRE at every step of the way.