TenFold is Bringing a New Meaning to Mobile Real Estate

When thinking of cutting edge technology, mobile homes do not come immediately to mind. TenFold is a company working to revolutionize the concept of real estate. Usually, real estate refers not only to a building, but also the land beneath the structure. TenFold buildings, which can be transported on the back of a truck and unfold in 8 minutes, change that definition.

Moscow After the World Cup: A Chance to Recoup Q1 Losses?

When the World Cup draws to a close today, the world’s eyes will be on Moscow as France and Croatia battle it out for the win. After the match is over, however, another race to the top will continue. Moscow and Russia in general will have a short window following the games to capitalize on international attention and draw foreign investors to Russian real estate. Following a stagnant first quarter and a long recovery from their housing crash, this could be the chance the Russian real estate has been needing.

Referendum Scheduled for November on David Beckham’s Stadium Replacing Melreese

The Miami City Commission has voted on Wednesday, approving a plan to build a stadium for a David Beckham Major League Soccer (MLS) team. Now that it has passed, the vote will go to referendum. The vote has been five years in the making. Simply gaining permission for the team took four years, and the building of the stadium has been beset by several obstacles. Even now, the building of the is a contentious issue. Many are protesting the rent and rebuilding of Melreese Country Club, the only publicly owned golf course in Miami. Either way, the decision made today could change the face of Miami.

Property Spotlight: Michigan Central Station to be Renovated by Ford

Michigan Central Station has long been a symbol of the state of Detroit. In 1913, when the train station was first built, it was beacon of the powerful railway industry and more importantly of Detroit’s prosperity. After the last train left the station in 1988, the building fell into disrepair. It soon became an icon of Detroit’s meteoric economic plunge. A station that had once been a symbol of progress crumbled slowly. Now, thanks to a new Ford initiative, the property will no longer be a reminder to Detroit’s residents. If all goes well, the building will herald a new beginning, just as it did when it was first built.

Virtual Realty: eXp Breaking Boundaries in Real Estate Technology and Business Model

In May of 2018, the brokerage eXp realty entered Nasdaq trading with a splash. On it’s very first day, it reached a 1 billion dollar market cap. On top of that, eXp nearly doubled its amount of real estate agents from January to June 2018, reach. This made real estate companies from all over the world sit up and take notice. What has allowed eXp to reach such exponential growth in such a short time? More importantly, how can this company change the workings of real estate brokerages in the long term? The answer lies in the virtual technology eXp has been using and new innovations in business model.