Shark Tank’s Celebrity Working on New Real Estate Cryptocurrency Program

The Canadian investor and “Shark Tank” television show star, Kevin O’Leary, has announced that he is developing a new real estate oriented cryptocurrency project.
O’Leary is notorious for being a skeptical investor on the American reality television series “Shark Tank.” However, the investor is now taking a bite out of crypto.

Propy – Peer-to-Peer Real Estate Transactions No Matter the Bitcoin Price

The current bitcoin price has shocked investors leaving some to look towards a peer-to-peer stable market such as real estate. However, investors agree that the two major problems with the real estate industry are illiquidity and centralization. Propy aims to solve these problems by providing a platform for international peer-to-peer real estate transactions.

View from Greenwich village, near Union Square

Union Square: Manhattan’s Place to Meet

Union Square is a National Historic Landmark and for good reason. The area has seen numerous political protests dating back to the civil war. Many people meet here weekly or even daily, enjoying the open air and history of New York. Join International Real Estate . News Media Influencer Zachary Scott to find out why this area is the place to meet.

View of the Hudson Yards, photo provided by: Shinya Suzuki.

A City Within A City

This redevelopment project has been in the works for years. Taking the cooperation of the New York City, New York State and Metropolitan Transportation Authority, this large-scale project is set to expand Midtown Manhattan’s business district. Join Real Estate Media Influencer Wen Hsu on a walk through the Hudson Yards.

Frank Sinatra Drive, Hoboken

Hoboken’s Promising New Developments

Hoboken, New Jersey is experiencing an unprecedented housing boom. The City Council’s impressive infrastructure and thorough planning has turned Hoboken into a real estate hotspot. Join Bruna Santana, an International Real Estate . News media influencer, as she showcases Hoboken’s real estate. For more information check out our article below.