View from Greenwich village, near Union Square

Union Square: Manhattan’s Place to Meet

Union Square is a National Historic Landmark and for good reason. The area has seen numerous political protests dating back to the civil war. Many people meet here weekly or even daily, enjoying the open air and history of New York. Join International Real Estate . News Media Influencer Zachary Scott to find out why this area is the place to meet.

View of the Hudson Yards, photo provided by: Shinya Suzuki.

A City Within A City

This redevelopment project has been in the works for years. Taking the cooperation of the New York City, New York State and Metropolitan Transportation Authority, this large-scale project is set to expand Midtown Manhattan’s business district. Join Real Estate Media Influencer Wen Hsu on a walk through the Hudson Yards.

Frank Sinatra Drive, Hoboken

Hoboken’s Promising New Developments

Hoboken, New Jersey is experiencing an unprecedented housing boom. The City Council’s impressive infrastructure and thorough planning has turned Hoboken into a real estate hotspot. Join Bruna Santana, an International Real Estate . News media influencer, as she showcases Hoboken’s real estate. For more information check out our article below.

Madison Square Park, NoMad, credit: Twitter user @nyclovesnyc

NoMad’s Thriving Real Estate Market

Join Wen Hsu, an International Real Estate . News Media Influencer, as she explores the neighborhood of NOMAD and the current real estate market. NoMad (North of Madison Square Park) is a neighborhood centered on the Madison Square North Historic District in the borough of Manhattan in New York City.

New York Rental Market Affected by Zillow's Subsidiary StreetEasy

The Rising Cost of Zillow

Real estate brokers and agents across the US and Canada are aware of the importance of Zillow. Zillow, founded in 2006, is a media platform that lists real estate and rental properties. Over the years Zillow has acquired other real estate and rental listing platforms. As of recently though, Zillow’s prices have risen recently due to a number of factors including their Premier Agent program.

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Panama’s Growing Economy

The Republic of Panama is a Spanish speaking country on the isthmus between central and South America. Running through its center is the Panama Canal, a 50 mile feat of engineering which connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. This shipping route has proved to be invaluable over time and assisted in Panama’s economic growth.