Vanessa Perez

Is it Buy or Hold Time for Toronto Real Estate?

The experts are divided about Toronto real estate. The same stats can be read through different perspectives. Politics is always a consideration: Who are these survey firms working for? Investors must find profitability through the noise. Toronto is definitely a market to watch. The question is whether to get in now or just hold what you have.

Property Spotlight: Michigan Central Station to be Renovated by Ford

Michigan Central Station has long been a symbol of the state of Detroit. In 1913, when the train station was first built, it was beacon of the powerful railway industry and more importantly of Detroit’s prosperity. After the last train left the station in 1988, the building fell into disrepair. It soon became an icon of Detroit’s meteoric economic plunge. A station that had once been a symbol of progress crumbled slowly. Now, thanks to a new Ford initiative, the property will no longer be a reminder to Detroit’s residents. If all goes well, the building will herald a new beginning, just as it did when it was first built.

Canadian Companies Driven by Gains in Brazilian Real Estate

The Northwest Healthcare Properties Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) stands as the number one health care REIT in Canada with international investments. Importantly, the venerable company recently announced its Q1 2018 results. These showcased movement into the German real estate market, rebranding within Australia and Asia and new investments in health care.

Is Brazilian Real Estate a Place for Deep Value Investing?

Brazil certainly has the ear of the international investment community today. However, most investors are looking for long term and short term investments, not the next hot thing. Should the corruption in Brazil and the inherent risk of an emerging economy keep retail investors away? Not everyone has the money to make a million dollar mistake.

Miami Real Estate Market – Where Are the Buyers Coming From?

The Miami real estate market features flashy mansions, Millionaire’s Row with yachts parked on the bay, South Beach High Rises, seemingly never-ending supply of capital flowing in to Brickell, the Design District, and Edgewater. But the buyers of this prime real estate have appeared to dry up. What is the current market in Miami? Why has the market slowed, and where are the future buyers coming from?

The World Cup is Here: What to Expect of Russian Real Estate (Part 2)

In Part I of this story, we explored how the real estate in other countries has fared following a massive sporting event – the Olympics or the World Cup. Unfortunately for Russia, experts believe that the Cup itself will actually benefit Russia very little. However, combined with political stability, Russian real estate could begin to see the light during the following winter. 

JLL reports that the Russian market for real estate has been in recovery over the past year. Stability in the price of oil also helps the country. Moscow itself is very close to the 11% vacancy rate level that usually corresponds with an historic rise in rents.