David Farron

David Farron is the Co-Founder and CEO of InternationalRealEstate.News. A seasoned data analyst, he is an expert in international financial markets and has managed sizable budgets for a myriad of programs, including for UBS and Bloomberg. As an entrepreneur, his vision is to create a multidisciplinary platform that optimizes the best of technological applications and human talent to the benefit of the international real estate market.
View from Greenwich village, near Union Square

Union Square: Manhattan’s Place to Meet

Union Square is a National Historic Landmark and for good reason. The area has seen numerous political protests dating back to the civil war. Many people meet here weekly or even daily, enjoying the open air and history of New York. Join International Real Estate . News Media Influencer Zachary Scott to find out why this area is the place to meet.

Michael Jordan photo provided by Mccarmona23 via flickr.

Video: Michael Jordan’s House Is Stranded

Fascination with professional athletes never ends on the field, many people wonder how these stars live. For example, Michael Jordan’s $29 million dollar home would leave anyone with sticker shock. Unfortunately, it has left buyers with sticker shock as well.