David Basch

David Basch is the Founder and President of InternationalRealEstate.News, a project which is borne of his deep experience in New York Real Estate and passion for media production. His goal is to pioneer the future of Real Estate through a global platform that connects the many dots that represent the facets of the industry. A film producer by training, David began his career as a Real Estate broker in NYC and has since risen to become one of the leading voices in the market.

What Makes Royal Wedding Royal?

We all watched Meghan Markle marry Prince Harry in St Paul’s Cathedral last week. Beyond the tears and glamour of the royal wedding, did you ever wonder what makes the royalty royal and us commoners common?

The answer is simple. What makes the Queen of England the Queen? What made the Tzar of Russia the Tzar? And wakes his lordship the lord? The answer to all these questions is one word: land…as in land-lord.