While he was working his way up the New York Real Estate scene as a broker in the 1980s and 90s, our Founder and President, David Basch, always wondered why Real Estate, the most precious commodity on earth, didn’t have its own dedicated 24-hour news channel with international reach. After all, security markets, a comparable trade albeit with its own intricacies, had constant coverage.

Fast forward to 2017, when he met David Farron who appreciated and shared his passion. David Farron brought his digital and financial background from UBS and Bloomberg and added blockchain technology to the business plan. The two realized that a professional editing and SEO teams were needed and joined forces with Miami Film Studios and Citrus 7 SEOs.

International Real Estate . News is borne of this vision and passion. Our mission is to provide a means of understanding Real Estate from a worldwide perspective by interlacing information, currencies, and comparisons like never before.

Our core team understands that a picture is worth a thousand words, and real estate, unlike securities, can literally be shown through video. That is why we bring you prime content not only in written format, but also engage you directly with our team through high quality video productions.

We also embrace the technological opportunities that can bring Real Estate trade to a new level, and have taken on the challenge of reporting on and leading trends in blockchain, tokenization, artificial intelligence, and drone footage, among others.

A lot has changed since the inception of the idea to create a dedicated, international news platform for real estate, but the need for this network is just as, and arguably more, urgent in our current reality of globalization and interconnectedness.

When we ask David what the secret to successful real estate performance is, he gives us three factors: Location, location, location. International Real Estate. News is the first and prime location for worldwide, objective coverage, innovative tools for investment, and expert analysis and education that will bring our viewers on the journey of revolutionizing the way Real Estate is presented, analyzed, compared, bought, and sold.