Features Home Buyers Wanted But Regret

There are many features which attract buyers and can add to the value of your home. However, what happens when the initial infatuation fades away?

Regretting Features

The issue is that often when considering a home for purchase buyers never consider maintenance. Suddenly this feature which was a selling point has now become a burden. Always be sure to take into account the amount of time and effort some features require. Otherwise, you may end up paying a third party for maintenance, which seems like a great solution. However, after a while these bills add up and allowing your property to fall into disrepair is in no way advisable. Overgrown lawns, dirty pools, and stained floors can impair your ability to resell your home in the future.

Keep in mind the larger the yard the more amount of time it will take to mow. With every single feature of a home, there is a pro and a con. Be sure to ask the previous homeowner what the pros and cons are to ensure you’re able to undertake any task. Here are some of the most common features which home buyers could not give up but got tired of soon enough.

Don’t Wine

A large selling point for most homes is a wine cellar. The epitome of sophistication and the promise of a glass of wine with every dinner regularly attracts buyers. The new white picket fence, wine cellars can easily add to the value of a home.

The issue is many love the idea of having a wine cellar, not maintaining it. Let’s be real, are you really going to hold on to that wine or will it be gone by Sunday night? Unless you have nearly inhuman self-control or are a true connoisseur, there’s no reason for a wine cellar. Though a trip to the basement to retrieve your favorite wine may offer a brief respite from a dinner party, it’s a lot more convenient to simply get a wine fridge in your kitchen

The Problem with Home Spas

The entire point of a spa is to relax, however, who has time for that? Many buyers are sold on the idea of releasing their daily stresses through their pores courtesy of a little steam. However, people either don’t have time to do so or they don’t make time. Homeowners at times feel as though it is too much of a luxury, and what’s worse it is one they don’t take advantage of.

Like living on the beach but never going, your property value will increase but your overall happiness won’t. Unfortunately, unless you make time to use your home spa it is not worth the purchase. You’re better off just going to a spa on a weekend and saving yourself the extra cost on your home’s price tag.

Open Floor Plans Close Deals

However, they aren’t worth it. Open floor plans often make a buyer feel like there is more space in a home and that it has a more breathable environment. In today’s economic society we find buildings shrinking and space being used more effectively. Often times leaving those entrapped at work feeling claustrophobic. Though an open floor plan may bring a sense of freedom into your life, it can also create an echo chamber.

15309 Friends St. Pacific Palisades, CA 90272 selling for $6.85 million

The day to day commotion coming from the kitchen and being carried over into the living room isn’t ideal. Should a conversation be held at the dinner table it could easily drown out the TV and become a spot of bother. This may lead homeowners to put up walls for the sake of their own sanity. Which after purchasing a property based on the floor plan kind of seems ridiculous. Ideal for a person who lives alone, but not so much for a family.

Staying Warm By The Fireplace

Or possibly just turning up the thermostat. A fireplace seems like a great idea and may even be worth it. For those three times, you actually get around to using it for the duration of your stay on a property. The process of building a fire and making sure a stray ember doesn’t burn down your home can be a bit strenuous. Often a selling point, a fireplace may become a hazard should you have children. Maintenance can be an issue seeing as there hasn’t been much need for chimney sweeps since the Industrial Revolution.


However, if you would like to maintain the aesthetic an alternative is an electric fireplace. Saving yourself from anxious neighbors calling 911 because of a perceived fire and creating an ingress point for nesting birds.

Many of these features increase the value of a home though they are not advisable for home buyers. Taking into account maintenance and possible alternatives are important. If you intend to resell the home for a profit, however, these features are more desirable.



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