Keller Williams Partners With AI Company CognitiveScale

The world’s largest real estate franchise, Keller Williams is working with the world’s leading augmented intelligence software and Responsible AI company, Cognitive Scale.

Keller Williams Partners With CognitiveScale

The software Keller Williams has chosen to use, Cortex5 is an AI software. The software will be used to improve the Keller Cloud and Kelle. This move is expected to improve the Keller Cloud’s AI learning ability. The AI, Kelle, is set to further change the world of real estate by offering KW agents all necessary information based on their given location. Released in mid-February 2018, Kelle is a virtual assistant for agents similar to Siri.

Keller Williams is known for their high-quality business practices and intuitive approach to real estate. They use the information they gain from past sales to produce future opportunities. Since their announcement of the decision to become a tech agency in 2017 by Gary Keller, KW Labs has actively worked toward making Kelle a valuable tool for all of its real estate agents. Though they announced their transition to technology in 2017, the process actually began in 2015. For more information on KW’s transition into the technology sector listen to On The Block Podcast with Mark Chin, team leader of Keller Williams Tribeca.

What is the Keller Cloud?

The Keller Cloud is a cloud service system which is based on real estate. Utilizing the information provided by over 186,000 associates. With over 35 years of data to draw upon, the AI, which is fueling the value proposition of Keller Cloud, will easily become one of the most versatile tools obtainable in the real estate market. KW has stated that they intend to own their information. Plenty of agencies are fine with sharing their information with whichever technologies that may be advantageous to their business. However, in today’s age of technology, the most valuable commodity is information.

KW Labs, the innovation hub of Keller Williams, is optimizing their technology to offer hyperlocal information to their agents.  Ensuring they have everything they need to close a sale, including up to date information on an area. KW believes that a majority of the new software and applications on the market today are attempting to replace the common real estate agent. However, KW Labs’ technology development approach is not attempting to replace them, but to use technology to assist them.

What is Cortex5?

Cortex5 is a software that is applicable to business, utilizing artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to overcome issues. The uses have no limitations to any particular field. There are a number of applications in different fields anywhere from financial services to healthcare. The benefit of AI in these instances is collecting data and then finding trends in the data. The software increases user engagement and has a wide array of clients like NBC and JPMorgan Chase. The range of clientele only serves to show the applicability of these technologies produced by CognitiveScale across industries.

Cortex5 will accelerate the speed of Kelle’s implementation. The technology will see regular updates, as Keller Williams perpetually improves not only business practices but their technology as well, providing their agents with the tools necessary for their mutual success. The number of agencies under KW means that the AI will have access to more than enough information. It will then use this information to improve both agent and consumer experience.

The AI software from CognitiveScale has many more applications than simple solutions. It can improve the cognitive functioning of those who use it.  Coincidentally, both CognitiveScale and Keller Williams are based in Austin, Texas. Like Keller Williams, CognitiveScale has gone international with offices in London, New York, and Hyderabad, India. These innovations could change the real estate market and how people think about information. Keller Williams has already begun to purchase assets solely for the information they are able to provide, expanding the database for which their AI and other programs may draw from. With apps and programs like Zillow, Trulia, and StreetEasy already drastically affecting the real estate market the next logical question is, is the future of real estate digital?



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