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Lannister Development – Revolutionizing The Blockchain Platform for Real Estate

Tokenization and Real Estate
Lannister Development is creating a blockchain platform for real estate funding, servicing, and packaging. Real estate developers may soon have the option to utilize blockchain technology for their businesses.0 39

Is it Buy or Hold Time for Toronto Real Estate?

The experts are divided about Toronto real estate. The same stats can be read through different perspectives. Politics is always a consideration: Who are these survey firms working for? Investors must find profitability through the noise. Toronto is definitely a market to watch. The question is whether to get in now or just hold what you have.0 86

From Crypto to Real Estate – New Ventures for Overstock

Until recently, Overstock was known for furniture sales and only furniture sales. In April, however, the company announced that it would be backing a “security token offering” (STO).  The company announced on Monday a new push into another market: real estate. International Real Estate . News will explore overstock’s ventures into two markets very different from their original mission.0 115

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