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College Towns: Do It For Real Estate

For those who have not lived in a college town the idea might seem ridiculous. A town filled with tons of boozed up college students catering to their coming of age experience comes to mind. What good could come from the site of the first taste of freedom for a college freshman? With both recent and historically iconic movies like Neighbors and Animal House giving the rest of the world a peek into the lives of college students interest has increased in the real estate they inhabit. This article is for those brave enough to pursue the obscure opportunity presented by college towns.0 51

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Real Estate

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Real Estate
Artificial intelligence (AI) through machine learning is slowly becoming a reality. Experts are predicting that it will change entire industries … 0 55

Los Angeles Real Estate Market – How to Make Money and Where are the Buyers Coming From? 

Los Angeles has a reputation across the United States and the world for many things – sunny skies, Hollywood magic, and surfer culture, to name a few – but in terms of real estate, Los Angeles is most known for its expense. L.A. is famously one of the priciest U.S. cities to live in, and for good reason. As middle class buyers struggle to find purchase in the sharply increasing housing prices, international buyers will be more vital to the Los Angeles real estate market than ever.0 71

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